Spreading the aroma of Christ

Craig and Trish* are serious about sharing the gospel with people who have never heard the good news of Christ Jesus.

The couple, students at Southeastern and part of the 2+3 International Church Planting program, are serving in an area of Asia where they can travel for hours and not find another believer. Working among 10 unreached people groups, the couple spends their days training and equipping the handful of people who have believed and trusted in Jesus for their salvation.

The area – known as “stink, stink” in the local language – is an area “white unto harvest” for the gospel. Craig and Trish desire to transform their area into a place that is known, not for a foul smell, but for the presence of believers who are the “aroma of Christ to those who are perishing.”

“We also hope that some day, these people groups can become the aroma of Christ to the people around them,” Craig said.

They share the good news of Jesus with these people groups in a variety of ways, utilizing connections made from scuba-diving classes, language lessons and even shared culinary affinities. In each situation, they strive to make the name of Christ known and to build up the believers.

Although their first term is finished, they plan to go back and continue working with the people groups, providing Bible training and teaching the national believers to make disciples and plant churches.

“The core of the Great Commission is making disciples, so that’s the core of what we do,” Craig said. “We train them in the Bible. Over there, there is so much lostness; only a handful of believers.”

In an effort to reach more of their 10 people groups, the couple said they are using their time in the United States to spread the word about the people groups and their work among them, and they are asking for churches to “adopt” people groups; to commit to praying for them, supporting them and sending volunteers to share the gospel with them.

“We’re looking for people who want to work together to develop a strategy to reach them,” Craig said. “People are just as lost here (in the United States) as over there, but over there, they don’t have access unless someone goes to tell them.”

*Names have been changed for security reasons.

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